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Yantra | Pendant

Noir Kāla

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Traditional Yantra Pendant in Sterling Silver 925
The Yantra is a meditation diagram known to reveal a truth or a quality of the world like universal love, supreme truth, uniqueness, transcendence.
A specific Yantra would be associated with each mantra. The Yantra would be the visual support of meditation while the mantra would be its vocal support. The use of Yantra in meditation would connect with its known meaning, but also to challenge its unconscious psychic structures. The geometric shapes that compose it appeal to the conscious structure of the mind, but also to the unconscious structure. They make it possible to work the mind and to control the cosmic forces using mnemonic means.
A yantra is circumscribed in a square structure.
The central point means energy, the place of creation: Bindu
The downward pointing triangle signifies the feminine aspect, water: Shakti Kona
The triangle pointing upwards signifies the masculine aspect, fire: Shiva Kona
The circle means air: Chakra
The square means the earth: Bhupara
The lotus flower means purity: Padma
Size: 2,5 cm x 2,5 cm
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