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Openable tube Pendant in Sterling Silver 925
The tube adorned with bells opens on the side.
This intention box can be used for rituals.
Amulets are protective devices intended to accompany man to face of the forces of nature over which he has no control.
These barrel-shaped silver amulets have been used for hundreds of years to contain the mantras and prayers that protect the wearer. Worn for protection, these medallions were once consecrated during a puja. According to tradition, a mantra or prayer must be inserted just before the medallion is sealed.
In later Sanskrit literature, the amulet is also called "havacha" (armor) and "rahsha" (preservation, guard, support).
To activate a Hindu amulet, it must be consecrated (ahhiselui) in the same way that an image of a Hindu deity must be consecrated before being considered to have a spiritual life (prana) and a divine energetic power (shakti).
The purification process can involve the priest reciting a charm and an appropriate mantra providing protection against a general or specific danger. Each mantra includes a mystical syllable (bija; kavacham), which adds power.
Size: 3 cm x 3 cm
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