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Prayer Amulet | Pendant Necklace



❨ ❨ An exclusive design by NOIR KĀLA ❩ ❩
Connection, intention, devotion
Beaded and adorned with a dainty bell, this barrel-shaped Pendant made from 925 Sterling Silver lies on a delicate 1,2 mm Stainless Steel Chain. Used for rituals and prayers, the tube opens on the side. 
These barrel-shaped silver amulets have been used for hundreds of years to contain the mantras and prayers that protect the wearer. Worn for protection, these medallions were once consecrated during a puja. According to tradition, a mantra or prayer must be inserted just before the medallion is sealed. 

Size: 3 cm x 2 cm
Weight: 5.1 g
Please select the chain length.

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