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Ceremonial Knife Pendant in 925 Sterling Silver
Symbolizing the act of severing attachment to the self to achieve enlightenment, Kartika is a symbol associated with the Dakinis, the tantric deities who move in the sky (the sky dancers). It is a curved billhook crowned with a hook, adorned with a Makara, the aquatic creature from Buddhist and Hindu mythology. The hook on the blade of the knife is a hook of compassion as it escapes sentient beings from the sea of suffering. The knife destroys attachment to the things of the world and the illusion of duality to achieve spiritual fulfillment and bliss. The edge of the blade evokes the all-powerful character of wisdom which overturns blindness with its force.
Kartika is an object of power dedicated to one who clings too long to what must be left behind. Unhealthy relationship, attachment to illusions, addiction to consumption, affection, media, gambling, and more. With her right hand, the Dakini wields the knife, seizes power, and is ready to cut through the attachments that keep us trapped in this world.
Since the Dakini is associated with the tenth day following the full moon, when the latter is descending, the blade of the Kartika ceremonial knife also takes on the shape of a crescent moon.

Size: 3,5 cm x 3,5 cm
Weight: 8 g
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