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Kāla काला | Necklace



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Kāla काला Necklace in 925 Sterling Silver
Kāla काला is a Hindi world inherited from Sanskrit काल. It’s a term with dual symbolism. It first refers to black and darkness, and secondly refers to time, destiny, and death.
Kāla means black, darkness, the darkest, the Great and the terrible, the time, the destiny, the end of time (death), the essential condition to movement and change.
Since birth emerges from the dark and death leads into it, Kāla presumably exists as darkness and destiny.
Darkness. Kāla reminds us of the teachings of darkness. Our shadows are often carriers of wisdom and truth. As Carl Gustav Jung explains, "It is not by looking at the light that one becomes luminous, but by plunging into its darkness. But this work is often unpleasant, and therefore unpopular. "
Like Kālī, Mahā Kala represents time personified, destructive, and creative power, dark night and Māya (the veil of illusion). Black in color, both Kālī and Māha Kāla represent ultimate and absolute nature. Since all colors merge into black, all forms can merge into Kālī and Mahā Kāla.
Time. Kāla is also one of the 36 tattvas (principles of reality). Kāla-tattva is the stage at which one realizes the endless limits of the soul, the soul having no time, no beginning, no end. Through transformation and destiny, everything originates from Kāla and is delighted through Kāla.
Nothing blooms before the right time. At the right time, the wind blows, the rain falls, the sun rises, and everything grows.
Who is She?
KĀLA as an archetype - She is an echo, a whisper, a strength that can move waters and mountains. She is the guardian, the protector, the alchemist who transforms darkness into power. She is a flow, the absolute infinite, the essential condition to movement and change. In the dark night, she reigns, mistress of her own queendom.
Kāla काला size: 2 cm x 0,5 cm
Please select the chain size.
Kāla काला is also available in 18k Gold Vermeil.

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