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Amulet Pendant in Sterling Silver 925  on a delicate 1,2 mm Stainless Steel Chain.

Illustrating a cross that can be planted into the Earth, the Earthly Amulet embodies the strength of Mother Earth and carries the medicine of rooting and earthing.

The amulet reminds us the nurturing virtues of Mother Earth and the cyclical nature of the world.
Before living in the reign of linear time, the ancients experienced the world in a cyclical way. By marking cyclical time, birth, death and rebirth were seen and illustrated as divine places. Birth operated on the surface of the Earth, then death transported to the interior of Mother Earth. Regenerated within his womb, the livings were reborn in another form, through reincarnation. Symbolically, this cycle illustrates Wholeness, life force, the soul of the World and the eternal return.

Size: 3 cm x 6 cm
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