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Delicate Crown Hoops in 18k Gold Vermeil
Ornamented with silver granules - Handmade with granulation traditional technique
Diameter: 10 mm
Size: 16 mm x 22 mm
The clasp opens and closes with a delicate twist to the side.

Our 18k Gold Vermeil jewelries are 925 Sterling Silver pieces that have been plated with 18k Gold (4 microns thick). Vermeil is not Solid Gold and must be handled and treated with great care to preserve its quality. The durability of the plating varies depending on use, devotion to care instructions, climate, skin type and lifestyle. To maximize the durability of the plating: It is essential to remove your jewelry before sleeping, soaking in water, doing household chores, using soap, lotion, perfume, or abrasive cleanser, playing sports or any activity that activates sweating. To learn more, please consult our Maintenance Guide.

Beaded Crown is also available in 925 Sterling Silver.

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