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Ankh – Womb of Life Pendant in Sterling Silver 925

Ankh, the Egyptian Cross of Life was originally an Egyptian hieroglyph representing the word “life”. It served as an amulet in everyday life, but also as an offering to the dead to accompany them to pass through the afterlife. Ankh represents the mystical connection which unites two opposites towards its center to allow them to remain united. It refers to the knot of Isis, or the act of joining.

Male-female Union. Among the Egyptians, Ankh was the symbol of life or immortality, marked by certain rituals associated with death. As a symbol of balance between opposing forces, Ankh evokes the junction of the feminine and the masculine, sexual union, fertility and the creation of life. In this sense, Ankh is not only a symbol of life, but also of future life and immortality. Another theory asserts that the T of the lower part of the cross would be associated with the male organs, while the upper part of the cross would evoke the uterus of the woman, symbolizing the unity of the feminine and the masculine, the reproduction and the cycle of life.

Sky-earth Union. Ankh is formed, from the top, by a slender circle symbolizing the celestial world which has neither beginning nor end. Evoking the spirit of Ra, the Sun God, the circle also serves as a handle for the Gods who hold the key, while the T in the lower part can also be planted into the Earth. Thus, Ankh is associated with the sun coming to the horizon and the divine union of heaven and earth.

Afterlife Key. Its resemblance to a key suggests that Ankh would provide the key to the gates of the afterlife and immortality. Ankh would thus penetrate the hidden meaning of eternity. The cross was once placed on the lips of dead kings, symbolizing that death does not signify the end, but simply the transition to eternal life.

Size: 1 cm x 3 cm

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