WHO AM I | The Signature of the Soul

WHO AM I | The Signature of the Soul

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"And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it." - Paulo Coelho


Alice in Wonderland once heard: "This is not the right question, Alice." Perhaps the only inquiry worth considering is: "Who am I?" But what does it truly mean to discover who we are?


In "The Alchemist," Paulo Coelho speaks to us about the Personal Legend: when we ardently desire something, it is because that desire originated in the Soul of the universe. It is our mission on Earth. Realizing our Personal Legend is the only true obligation.


In "The Two Agreements of the Soul," Michael Meade explores our very first Agreement with Life, centered on the inner dreams of the Soul, the divine pattern that brought us into being in the first place. Each Soul evolves at the border of the memory of this forgotten Agreement, of the original dream we carry within us like an old friend.


The only story we came to experience here is our own. The real challenge is to become who we already are.


It's not about "finding"; it's about remembering.


Seeking who we are may simply be the quest for the divinely sown treasure within us before birth: the dream of our life. The mission that guides us.


It's not just a matter of "discovery" or self-creation. It's the revelation of what we were destined to be and live from the beginning. It's the imprint of the soul, the guiding star, the language of destiny. An enigma waiting to be deciphered.


Perhaps we need to look high into the stars, but also descend into the depths. In the uterine darkness, in the lost caverns, in the forgotten abysses. Where the first planted seed peacefully sleeps.


We are here to fulfill the mission of the Soul.


The Soul in each of us is connected to the Soul of the World (God). By getting closer to our inner star (the breath that makes us unique), we get closer to the Infinite (The Soul, God). We get closer to the Divine.


When we are in contact with our Soul, life responds. The Soul is something you can FEEL. The Soul brings that inexplicable feeling of connection.


Our inner constellation holds the key to a deeper meaning.


The only sin is not becoming who we are.


The world aligns with us when we fully embody our essence. The liberated unique self. The peculiar part that sleeps within us.


As Richard Bach puts it, God has only one question to ask you at the end of your life: have you become yourself?





The Alchemist, Paulo Coelho, 1988

Aliss, Patrick Senecal, 2000

Fate and Destiny: The Two Agreements of the Soul, Michael Meade, 2010


Photography: Bianca Des Jardins

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