Ancient Enigma | The Spiral of Life

Ancient Enigma | The Spiral of Life

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Spiral petroglyphs are observed at the four corners of the globe. Ancients carved spirals into stone at a time when they had no means of communication with each other.


Some say they observed the stars and tried to replicate the spirals seen in the night sky. Widely used in various spiritual practices, the spiral reproduces patterns of growth and evolution. The goddess, the womb, fertility, and vital energy are all symbolized by it.


The beginnings and ends of existence merge in an eternal spiral. It reminds us of the temporal progression and cyclical nature of the world around us. Nature, culture, and timeless rhythm merge into a universal waltz.


Everything left as is in nature, everything that lives and sleeps, forms spirals in concentric circles. Flowers, plants, spider webs, seashells, snails, human DNA, beehives, cauliflowers, tomatoes, sunflowers, water, arts.


The spiral of life teaches us why we constantly return to the same lessons.

"The path isn't a straight line; it’s a spiral. You continually come back to things you thought you understood and see deeper truths." - Barry H Gillespie


There is no straight line in nature. The spiral is life itself, creation, nature, strength, and energy.


The moon is an example of a sacred spiral, without containing a spiral. There is a beginning, the new moon, and an end, the full moon. Between this beginning and end exists a symbolic spiral, in a constant state of flux and transformation.


The spiral is the constant flow that exists in everything.


"Kundal" is a Sanskrit word meaning "spiral," referring to the energy serpent that coils around the chakras, representing the connection with the divine. Kundalini represents the spiral movement, the natural forces within us that are a true portal. The spiral is the basic configuration of the chakras (subtle energy wheels); it is a gateway to another dimension.


Whirling Sufis reproduce the principle of the spiral.

“We come spinning out of nothingness, scattering stars like dust” - Rumi


When we are connected to the "source self," we are in a state that allows energy to flow freely within us. In this state, life brings us deep and elevated experiences. The sacred spiral within us indicates that we are connected in unimaginable ways.


Even if we cannot see the complexity of creation, we can observe the mark of the universe's spiral everywhere around us. Energy is, and will be. We can then use this understanding to allow our lives to change, without resistance, for the universe to move through us, through the world, and in everything.


Everything exists without division, in perfect relation, wholly. There is a hidden thread of completeness that connects us all.


"Everything is spinning: from the tiny atoms to the giant galaxies, everything is in a state of perpetual twirling. The unified vision presents us with a world in which we are all united through a fractal geometry of space-time, intrinsically connecting all things via the medium of infinite emptiness. This fundamental understanding of reality truly promises to unite countless fields of human effort, from spiritual understanding to technological development, and elevates them all to a completely new level. With this knowledge, we will be able to understand more deeply our communion with each other and our connection with Nature, and we will be able to develop technologies that use the primordial power of the Universe to elevate our collective consciousness beyond the Earth. , to the stars! “The vectorial equilibrium is the starting zero point for everything that happens or not; it is the empty theater, the empty circus, the empty Universe, ready to accommodate any act and any public." - The great Buckminster Fuller


The Celts, Mycenaeans, and ancients used the spiral to illustrate the great cosmic river of the universe, the path of life to be traversed. The spiral is the bridge, the path between the inner and outer worlds. It is the link that reconnects all elements since we are all one, not alone.


In summary, the spiral is a sacred symbol that reminds us of our evolutionary journeys. Cherished as a talisman, it accompanies us in accepting the torments, changes, and chaotic nature of existence.




Nikki, Sapp, The Spiral of Life, 2021

Francisco Huanaco, Sacred Spiral, 2022


Photography: Bianca Des Jardins


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