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Vishnu Moon | Earrings

Found by KĀLA

-¦- 1990 -¦-
Dangling earrings in Sterling Silver from Rajasthan - Northern India.
A downward-pointing Shiva Moon is juxtaposed on a disc adorned with Vishny footprints. "Vishnupadaka". Footprints of the Hindu gods and the Buddha have been represented in many ways for hundreds of years. However, the Hindu believe that the footprints of Vishnu are the most sacred. Here, the prints are engraved in a silver amulet. A sacred and powerful charm, it confers protection against any form of calamity to its wearer.
Shiva Moon is commonly shown at the top of his head as an ornamental guide. It evokes the perfect control of the mind as well as the increasing and decreasing phenomenon of the moon as a time cycle. According to Hindu mythology, King Daksha had twenty-seven stars as daughters. The stars were married to the moon (Chandra). As Chandra was particularly attracted to the star Rohinī, his other wives were deeply jealous. They came to complain to the king who, furious, cast a spell on his son-in-law Chandra, affecting his brilliance and his luminosity. Day after day, its light dimmed. Chandra begged for help from Lord Shiva who took him under his protection by placing him on the top of his head, in his hair. Without completely eliminating his curse, he eased its effects so that the Moon could grow for fifteen days and then decrease for the next fifteen days.
In ancient and modern Indian cosmology, wearing precious or massive jewelry is a way of wearing wealth onto the body. The jewel, which shapes identity, is invested in the power of the gods and goddesses.
The importance given to adornment among the Indian people dates back to 5000 years. Archaeologists have discovered that Indians have been creating jewelry since prehistoric times. The ornaments harmonize beliefs, they evoke a certain form of power, a feeling of social, religious or regional belonging, wealth or simply to beautify the wearer
Size: 3 cm x 5 cm
Weight: 11,4 g
-¦- Unique piece -¦- Rare -¦-
20% of the profits from the Ancient Past collection will be donated to Santra and women in need from her village (Pushkar Desert, Rajasthan, India)

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