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Telsum | Durgā

Found by KĀLA

✦ 60-70 years old ✦
Pendant known as "Telsum" from Rajasthan, North India
Openable box. Illustrating Durga on a lion, its oval shape is to protect the wearer against the evil eye and against evil spirits who dare not enter.
One of Parvati's representations, Durgā, signifies the illusion, the end of tyranny. Killing evil to empower spiritual richness, she is the incarnation of sacrifice and knowledge. Regarded as the Shakti (energy) of the impersonal Absolute, she is worshiped alone - a sign of her omnipotence. She is known to fight the demon Mahashasura and venerated as the goddess of war (or peace, the gods having no negative function). Durga is worshipped as the Universal Mother, tender, loving and kind, but also strict. Her human appearance is not permanent. She often adopts the appearance of a lioness or she can be depicted sitting on a lion - symbol of her unlimited power. The lion represents the greed of pleasure. By riding the lion, Durga recalls the control of desire and carnal instincts.
Size: ¾ "x ¾"
Weight: 5.70 g
✦ Unique piece ✦

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