Siva Temple

Noir Kāla

✦ 40 years old ✦
Rare piece from Rajasthan, North India
Hindu amulet depicting Lord Shiva in a pentagon symbolizing the temple ("mandir").
Shiva, the God of destruction and creation, is associated with the phenomenon of transformation. He keeps the world in balance while protecting the soul from the suffering caused by an illusionary world. Some consider Shiva to be one of the five primary forms of God, while others regard him as the supreme God. Armed with his trident, he destroys evil and ignorance. Also known as the king of dance (Nataraja), he performs the dance of destruction to rebuild a world free of illusion.
In Hinduism, the temple symbolizes the cosmos. Metaphorically, it is said that man in a temple becomes divinity. On this amulet, the symbol of Shiva in the temple represents the achievement of a summit.
Size: ⅝ "x ⅞"
Weight: 2.25 g
✦ Unique piece ✦

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