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La Mort | Ring

Noir Kāla

❨ ❨ Reborn Antique ❩ ❩
Skull Ring in Sterling Silver 925
Death is an omnipresent concept in Buddhist and Hinduist culture.
Far from being taboo, the notions of life and death are closely intertwined throughout life. Without destruction, creation would be impossible. Without beginning or end, cycles do not exist.
Hindus believe in dharma, the cosmic order of the universe, or the eternal law that confers soul immortality and determines the cycle of reincarnation. Death is considered as a passage, a transmigration of the soul. To die is to free oneself from the state we are in now in order to move to a better state.
For Buddhists, death is a moment of liberation, but also the beginning of a metamorphosis. Death is not an end in itself, but a transformation, a strong passage in the life cycle.

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