Hanuman Temple

Noir Kāla

✦ 40 years old ✦
Rare piece from Rajasthan, North India
Hindu amulet depicting the Hanuman God in a pentagon symbolizing the temple ("mandir").
Hanuman, the revered monkey god that can overcome all fears and release the tensions of life is a popular form of talisman for luck, health and good fortune. Very popular in the villages, it is known to be strong enough to lift mountains, defeat demons and compete with Vishnu's vehicle bird.
In Hinduism, the temple symbolizes the cosmos. Metaphorically, it is said that man in a temple becomes divinity. On this amulet, the representation of Hanuman in the temple represents the achievement of a summit.
Size: ½ "x ¾"
Weight: 0.80 g
✦ Unique piece ✦

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