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Antique Hathphul | Bracelet

Found by KĀLA

-¦- 1940 -¦-
Hand piece in Sterling Silver from Rajasthan - Northern India.
Tribal ornament collection piece worn by the desert gypsies of ancient India. Two rings attached with chains to a disc that is decorated in the center with tribal and floral motifs and bells, this "hathphul" joins the wrist with two chains.
In ancient and modern Indian cosmology, wearing precious or massive jewelry is a way of wearing wealth onto the body. The jewel, which shapes identity, is invested in the power of the gods and goddesses.
The importance given to adornment among the Indian people dates back to 5000 years. Archaeologists have discovered that Indians have been creating jewelry since prehistoric times. The ornaments harmonize beliefs, they evoke a certain form of power, a feeling of social, religious or regional belonging, wealth or simply to beautify the wearer
Disc Size: 5 cm x 5 cm
Ring sizes: 10,5 / 7
Weight: 45 g
-¦- Unique piece -¦- Rare -¦-
20% of the profits from the Ancient Past collection will be donated to Santra and women in need from her village (Pushkar Desert, Rajasthan, India)

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