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Sanjhi Devi

Found by KĀLA

✦ 95-100 years old✦
Massive amulet with three bells at the bottom from Rajasthan, near the Pakistan border. Represented in the center of the amulet is Sanjhi Devi, the much adored Indian mother goddess.
In the villages, during the Sanjhi-Devi Puja in September and October, the women are representing the goddess on the walls of their houses. Devi cult, the supreme Hindu goddess, is an integral part of ceremonies in which only women participate to make vows. Unmarried girls beg her to grant their wishes for a good husband, start a family with several children and obtain prosperity. Images of the goddess can be found in many villages and towns of Rajasthan such as Punjab, Harayna and Utta Pradesh.
Size: 3 "x 2⅝"
Weight: 30 g
✦ Unique piece ✦

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