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Transformative connection between old-soul and progressive jewelry

We are NOIR KĀLA, an independent jewelry brand inspired by Myths and cultures of the World. We are the archetype of the warrior woman, the truth seekers.


We are the union between light and darkness, order and chaos, the ancient and timelessness. A cross-cultural vehicle, merging cultures and traditions of the ancient past and the possible future. A narrative based on occultism and the World of Gods, rooted in mystery and ritual practice.


We are a soul family of artists and visionaries, connected by travel and unity. From Montreal, to Rajasthan, passing through Bali, we collect ancestral treasures and create timeless pieces, always honoring ancient crafts. Welcome to our World.


Explore history as traditions

From Montreal to Rajasthan, searching for meaning and beauty. - A city of gold, silver and light shining under the sunlight. Artisanal talent is revealed as a manifestation of a world of ritual, since in the past, and still today, practically all body ornaments were worn for protective purposes and were in fact considered as an amulet.


Ethical Statement

An ode to ancient craftsmanship - At NOIR KĀLA, we strive to honor traditional work while creating a sustainable enterprise to support craftsmanship in all its forms. In the jewelry making process, we promote high quality sterling silver for its durability and renewability.


Our creations

KĀLA EXCLUSIVE : Exclusive designs made from sterling silver have been developed in collaboration with our main partner, a family business from Pushkar (India): the Soni family.

BALI EXCLUSIVE : Exclusive designs made from wood have been developed in collaboration with sculptors from Bali (Indonesia): Tool Made

LEATHER EXCLUSIVE : Karma Coma collection, hand-assembled in Montreal is made from Northern India leather and hand carved sterling silver pieces designed exclusively by and for Noir Kāla team.


Our findings

RAJASTHAN TRADITIONAL : Our traditional designs from India have been hand-selected in partnership with the Soni family.

ANCIENT PAST : Our vintage and antique pieces from India have been hand-selected in partnership with Asho, an antique collector from Jaisalmer city. Used during ceremonies, these pieces embody a symbolism of their own. We can confirm their high level of authenticity.


All our jewelry created and selected respect the ethical standards and the quality-durability objective.


Meet our Tribe



Jacinthe -|- Founder and Creative Director

Passionate about cosmology, she explores the relationship between ornaments, sacred dimension and nature. She crosses borders, words and time, searching for her own truth. Through her project Noir Kāla, she imagines a world where she secretly dreams of living in and invites you to discover it: an image, a jewel or a poem at the time… A narrative based on occultism and the world of the gods, rooted in mystery and ritual practice. A creation of the imagination. A vision of the imagined image.



Shankar & Soni Family -|- Artisans from Northern India (Pushkar, India)

Transformation expert. Traditional craftsmen. Creators of ornaments. A family story - a talent that has been handed down from generation to generation for over 100 years.



Ashokkumarsoni -|- Antiquary (Jaisalmer, India)

Treasures collector. In collaboration with gypsies living on the borders of India and Pakistan, he finds old pieces that were once worn from generation to generation for cultural, religious and identity reasons.



Tool Made -|- Sculptor Artists (Bali, Indonesia)

Wood and bones carvers. Sculptor artists working in the city of Tampaksiring in Bali. A co-creation work led to a new collection of exclusive pieces made from black wood or Sono wood.



Bianca -|- Artist of Light

The eyes behind beauty. The one who captures the light. Traveling into the world and out of the world, seeing beyond to bring new perspective. Discover her universe here.

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