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Power of the Feminine | w/ Yoni Alchemist Nerissa Nefeteri

Power of the Feminine | w/ Yoni Alchemist Nerissa Nefeteri

février 03, 2020

© Photography by Joey Rosado | Featuring our Merkabah Earrings x Snakeskin Hoop Necklace
Intrusion into the world of Nerissa Nefeteri Olugbala (known as Nerissa Nefeteri) the Doula who’s helping women all over the World to become more educated about Feminine Health.
Herbalist, Yoni-Practitioner, Pelvic Floor Coach and Owner of Nene FemHealth, Nerissa explores different aspects of femininity and sensuality. She has created a massive platform where she shares her discoveries about healthier alternative options when it comes to feminine healthcare, sex health, and overall holistic wellness. Through her workshops and divine guidance, she supports women and encourages them to take care of their feminine health with self-care rituals.
[According to Nerissa] Many people have a false understanding of self-care and associate it with indulgence. But self-care is mostly about the whole-body health. Self-care is also about self-love, confidence and soul healing. It’s about the way we think, eat, love… Everything we do in this lifetime is a part of self-care. 

« My mother made a choice for me when I was in her womb. From the way she ate, thought and the actions she made to make sure I was going to be raised in a toxic free environment. If it wasn’t for my mother’s influence, I don’t think I would be able to curve negativity the way I do now. Being around negativity, talking negative and being negative never got anyone any positive results. » - Nerissa
Power of The Yoni
The Yoni Goddess is in our sacred corner, assisting us navigate our inner realms. When you cultivate the power of Kegels on a regular basis, you make self-care as a daily lifestyle. Lotus Eggs are crystals used for therapeutic balance and wellness. Those vaginal weights are used to tone the pelvic floor with Kegel exercises. Using Lotus eggs can help bring mindfulness and a stronger connection to the body, as well as increase the chance of having an orgasmic sexual experience. A stronger pelvic floor brings stronger orgasms, no urinary inconsistency, no prolapse, no issues with vaginal sensation and no vaginal dryness. ~ Power of The Yoni! ~
The Sisterhood Safe Space
The Yoni Popping Experience is a traveling fitness workshop that brings women together interested in holistically strengthening their core, or the alignment of their mind, body, and soul. It’s an open space curated by Nerissa and her team with the intention of allowing women to express themselves while channeling their feminine energy. It’s all about education, intimate dialogue, full body workout and sisterhood. On the menu: Kegel exercises, guided meditation balancing feminine and masculine energy, chakra opening and of course, a safe space to connect with Sisters all around the World. From now, there has been Pop-ups in Toronto, Boston, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, D.C., Brooklyn, Miami, Atlanta, and many more cities to come. After each session, the women leave more aligned and empowered, which often leads to better sex, higher self-esteem, and a more fulfilled life.
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Nerissa Nefeteri

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