Warrior Woman Witch | Meeting with Sabrina Cassis from Alice Kass #KalaTribe

Warrior Woman Witch | Meeting with Sabrina Cassis from Alice Kass #KalaTribe

October 19, 2019

You've seen her work through L'ÉDEN latest Lookbook

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Intrusion into the world of Sabrina, the Woman behind Alice Kass who stands out for her talent at [Raising] Women by [Empowering] them through Self-Love.


Since the beginning of Alice Kass, you explore the world of femininity, self-love and empowerment of women. How do you think all these spheres are intimately connected?
Lingerie is a powerful symbol of femininity. It is the ultimate expression of a woman’s sensuality and vulnerability which requires strength and confidence to expose. If you do not love yourself, it becomes difficult to feel good in such intimate, revealing pieces. On the other hand, the right lingerie for you can give you that boost of confidence that makes you feel irresistible and powerful. 

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Lingerie is also a vehicle to own and reclaim our sexuality and our bodies. It allows us to connect to our powerful femininity and to express a side of being a woman that has been shamed by our culture. I discovered lingerie that could be for my own pleasure first, not to use just as a tool for seduction but as a way to express myself and connect to my inner goddess. It has completely transformed my life and how I relate to being a woman and my wish is to have as many women as possible experience that! I used to be a tomboy, terrified of lingerie, of my sexual expression, of my intuition, I was stuck in spirals of negative thinking and extreme anxiety and I used alcohol to cope. Now I use self-love, self-expression and sisterhood and my life is one million times better!!! Lingerie was the surprising stepping stone for me to step into my power.
You also animate different Bed Talks through which you manage to sensitize, inform and dialogue with your community about empowerment and self-love. How does this dialogue enhance your presence on the web? When did you start this and what do you really like about this practice?
I started this in Instagram Stories the Spring of 2018 after I hit a personal rock bottom and felt the need to connect and share about my self-love journey. Alice Kass is more than a business to me, it is my healing journey and I believe it’s so important to share the ups and downs of both running a business and being a woman today, especially with all the fake shit we see on social media. It’s important to embrace the shadow as much as the light, to embrace the feminine cyclical nature of life and not compare our experiences to the perfect highlight reel we see on Instagram. I feel like it’s my responsibility to share all that I’ve learnt so that other women can learn from my struggles and know that they aren’t alone or defective. I spent a large part of my life, up until a couple of years ago, feeling like there was something wrong with me. Part of my mission is to expose and celebrate the multifacetedness of women so that we can let go of this idea of having to be perfect and just learn to accept how deserving we are of pleasure and joy as we are now. 
What is your background? How did you get interested in women's empowerment and lingerie?
I have always been into fashion and everything to do with girl power since I was a little girl. I remember watching Fashion Television in my grandmas basement every sunday night and being delighted by the beauty and magic! In my household, the creative fields were never an option as a professional pursuit so I studied business and then fashion commerce. I kicked off my career as a womenswear buyer at SSENSE (luxury online retailer). The fashion world was a bit too cut throat and shallow for me, I love diving deep and exploring the unseen and the fashion industry I learnt was less about self-expression and more about external validation. I left SSENSE, started a blog and attempted to be an extrovert for a while (I struggled because I am such an introvert at heart). And then lingerie kind of just happened, I couldn’t even tell you how. It just picked me and I accepted. It’s evolved a lot over the years. I’ve always had an interest in the esoteric, being really into witchcraft as a kid, and super curious about astrology. In the last few years, especially since I quit drinking alcohol, I got deep into spirituality and exploring goddess consciousness. Alice Kass has really been an amalgamation of all that I love, I get to express myself through words and share my vision and passions and I am super grateful to have the opportunity to live my life in alignment with my highest values, which involves both the spiritual and material realms.
Describe your mission in a few words.


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My personal mission is to become fully myself by tapping into my feminine power and connecting to my inner goddess while inspiring other women to do the same. It’s so closely tied to my professional/life mission which is to empower women to own who they are fully, to release the shame we have around our bodies and sexuality, and to help heal the masculine/feminine imbalance in the world.

What inspires you to create?
Emotions. Like that feeling you get when you can feel a song in your bones. Or when you read words that ring so true and deep they send shivers down your spine straight to your soul (currently freaking out over Mary Magdalene Revealed by Megan Watterson). Rock bottoms and moments of pure bliss. The lessons that come from stepping outside my comfort zone. Epic conversations with my soul sisters. Downloads from the divine. When I see someone being fully and unapologetically themselves. 
The cult of the goddess {the sacred feminine} makes a returning wave. How do you think this can have a real impact on women's lives in 2019?

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It’s helping women understand their own divinity, that their hearts and emotions and sexuality and all that is feminine is sacred and powerful and ultimately their birthright. That the world needs us to rise up individually and together and own our magic so that we can heal the current imbalance of the masculine and feminine energies in the world. It reminds us that we deserve to be celebrated and loved and worshipped as the goddesses we are. We believed for too long that we should feel shame and guilt. It’s our time to rise. And by healing ourselves we will heal the world. It’s an exciting time!
Do you think you fit the mold of "normal"? What's your position about the expectations on women in the 2019 society?
Oh god no. I’ve never felt normal and don’t think I ever will. I’ve always existed in the liminal space, the in between. A perpetual middle child, I’ve always felt too much for one group and not enough for the other. In school I was too artsy for the business kids and too commercial for the fashion kids. My mother tongue is french but I grew up speaking way more english. I never fit in any group. This sentiment of being an outsider or an outlier has followed me everywhere. Even in terms of my relationships with men. They can’t conceive that I can be into style, lingerie, expressing my sexuality and exposing my body publically via social media but still be private, introverted, old-fashioned, slow moving, sensitive and deep. People expect one thing when they look at the surface and are disappointed and confused when the rest is revealed. I think a lot of women struggle with these expectations! Why can’t we express ourselves sexually on our instagrams and still want to be taken seriously at work? Or be taken on a proper date and not be expected to have sex on the first night? Why can’t we enjoy pole dancing and still love to read books and talk about the meaning of life? Why can’t moms also wear lingerie and feel sexy and take time for themselves? Why can’t we be less than ‘perfect’ and still feel deserving is the underlying question. It’s enough. We’re enough. By setting boundaries and practicing radical self-love we’ll slowly shift the paradigm and shift our own expectations of ourselves. 
Do you practice any kind of rituals?
I do! I pull a goddess card from my oracle deck each morning to guide me and connect me to my feminine wisdom. I’ll often journal after. It’s so simple yet really kicks off my day on a positive inspiring note. One of my favorite self-care rituals kind of surprises people but it’s one of the most powerful ways for me to relax and connect to myself and my body: lingerie selfies. I set the mood by engaging my senses with sensual music, scented candles or incense, my pink neon light and I slip into my favorite sultry lingerie set of the moment and take sexy selfies. It gets me out of my head and connects me to my body and to the present moment. I forget all my worries and there’s definitely something empowering about the practice. It’s where my tagline Be Your Own Muse comes from, you have total control of your image, you’re the artist and the muse, you don’t need to wait around for someone to deem you worthy of being photographed. You’re in the power position and you’re also the inspiration. It’s a great way to put yourself on a pedestal and remember that you’re a sexy badass goddess. 
And for the future: What are your dreams and plans to come?
The Bed Talks podcast is finally launching!!! It’s really a project that is close to my heart because it’s all about connecting and sharing in a real and raw way and inviting women that have inspired me on my own self-love journey to share their stories. We heal so much through storytelling and I’m just so excited to have a new platform for that! We’ll also be taking that concept offline and creating more in person workshops around self-love and empowerment. My goals and dreams are really about growing the community so that more women can benefit from the power of self-love and lingerie, the way that I did. 

The shop will also continue expanding to bring together and explore where sexuality and spirituality crossover. Lots of magic ahead!

Sabrina Cassis
Alice Kass

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